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This family has been a road block for me.    From my last post, which Ancestry had found some of them in the 1940 census,  I have been clicking on every link they gave me and found some more information.

SSDI for Margaret Downes,  born 18 March 1889 (coincides with the date on her Baptismal record at St. Thomas RC Church,  braddock PA, Allegheny, USA, Archives of the Diocese of Pittsburgh).   Died May 1963 in New Jersey.

SSDI for Josephine Downs, born 22 May 1896, it also coincides with the date of her Baptismal entry.  Josephine died 13 February, 1991, also in New Jersey.   Josephine almost lived to be one hundred years old.

1910 census, Mary Naughton Dowens, is living in East Pittsburgh, PA.  I checked the address on the map and it is a short distance to the home of her sister Bridget.    It lists Mary as 47 years old and widowed.   Her husband has died somewhere between 1896 (when Josephine was born and 1910)    Her names is spelled Dowens instead of Downs,   she is listed as the head of the household.   Living with her is her daughter Mary (b.21 November 1884) and her husband Dominick Malloy and two children,  Mary I age 2 and Patrick, age 1 month.    I am thinking Mary I is the granddaughter Ida Molly in the 1940 census.

Also living there is  Margaret, Sadie and Josephine, plus a ten others listed as boarders.   The O'Donnells interest me because that name is also in the extended family.  I do not know who they are yet and if they are related.    Also Mary has stated that she was the mother of eight with four still living.   Annie b. 1887 and Catherine b.1891 appear to have died as well as two others.

Another mystery to investigate.

1920 census finds Mary, Margaret, Sadie and Josephine living in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey.   The biggest mystery is why did they move to New Jersey?   I have to investigate the SS applications to see what they have to say.   No SSDI records was found for Sadie or mother Mary.

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