Sunday, July 29, 2012



I have been so busy the past two weeks, I had hardly anytime to breathe.  GIRLS WEEK OUT, me, my daughter and my sisters had a road trip and a good time.

Last week I attended the GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF PITTSBURGH.   The biggest thing I learned is how much I have to learn.    I took the class INTERMEDIATE  GENEALOGY: TOOLS FOR DIGGING DEEPER.  Paula Stuart Warren and D. Joshua Taylor both gave excellent lectures, and now my brain is full.  

I have been sitting here going over my notes, highlighting links I wrote and books I may want to purchase that  were mentioned in the lectures.   I was successful in an attempt to follow their advice.   Paula said to search all in your tree.   One of my goals is to find the parents of my great grandfather Patrick O’Rourke.   He has a sister Mary who married Daniel Rogan in about 1876.  Sometime closer to 1890-1900 they moved to New Castle PA.  

I found two  of their children's Baptisms and one death on the Family Search site.   My theory is that they were married in Pittsburgh and some of their children were Baptized there.   The death was a infant daughter, Mary Rogan who died from diarrhea and is buried in ST. Mary's Cemetery.  There were many St. Mary’s cemeteries and now I have to find which one it was.   If I find the marriage record, perhaps, it will name the parents.   Irish Catholic records are sort of minimalistic but I do have a bit of hope for that. 

If not there I will send for Mary’s death certificate. 

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