Tuesday, June 19, 2012




This is another photo from my cousin Erin O’Donnell.    From the style of her dress I would estimate that the date of this pictures is in the late 1890’s.   Bridget would have been about thirty to thirty five at that time.   To me she appears to be pregnant.

I am thinking that the children in the photo are top left to right, Catherine born 1893,  Thomas  born 1891 or John born 1896, Norah born1896 and Mary born 1898.   If she were pregnant that would be her son Richard born 1900.

My grandfather Thomas would have been about eight at the time the photo was taken and John would have been three to four.   I think it is Thomas my grandfather.  Mary looks like she is about to escape.  

Erin told me that the Dowd’s  did not take very many pictures,   I am glad that trait escaped me.

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  1. She appears to be pregnant to me too. Such a serious expression she has. Life was not easy. Thanks for sharing.