Wednesday, April 11, 2012


In the past week two cousins have found me.   One was a surprise but two was really a surprise.One is related to my fathers line and one to my mothers.   It is amazing that with the availability of email, blogs and internet searches that you can come up with your unknown family.

I think the reason why they were unknown had to do with the death of both my grandfathers.  Both of them from accidents and with their passing the communication between families just ceased to be after a short period of time.   I am glad they both found me because their knowledge will fill in the blanks.   Both of the woman have just recently begun their searches, and I can help them along their way. 

First thing I found is that Bridget Naughton Dowd really did have a twin, her name was Catherine/Katherine and  there were more Naughton siblings.   I have to get started on the death certificate search and send for them.

With my mystery of Michael and Maria  Dowd Downes and the disappearance of them and the six daughters has gotten interesting.  I found them in the 1900 Iowa census living in Sioux City, but just the parents and the chilling thing was that it was listed as parents of six and zero children living.   Michael and Maria were about fifteen years apart in age and the Iowa couple fits age wise.   Thanks to my cousin to point this couple out. 

I contacted the cemetery where most the family is buried and none of the girls are buried there.  My theory that something tragic happened is proving to be true.   Now, I contacted the Diocese of Sioux City and they are going to do a search for me.     Next I need to check the resources from Iowa and see what I can find.

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