Thursday, April 5, 2012


This morning, as I was recounting everyone's adventures with the 1940 census, I decided that I needed more color on my blog and I chose a new template.   I like a lot of color.   I have been searching for instruction on how to add your own picture, but even with a few tips from others I have not been able to do that.
It is operator error as usual.

My past month or so I have been searching for the father of  my husbands 3xgreat grandfather, Michael A Coleman.   My cousin has it narrowed down to a few choices.   It seems that there were four brothers, Thomas, John, James and Michael Coleman.  They lived in Blair County PA in the middle to late 1700's.

The Coleman Brothers were feared Indian Fighters.  This seems to have stemmed from the fact that the youngest brother(John) was tending the boiling of maple syrup while the other went hunting..  Upon their return the found that the local tribe had killed John by boiling him in the vat of maple syrup.   That was a very horrific death, and according to the printed readings the remaining brother waged war on the natives.   They were also Revolutionary War Militiamen.

Some sources stated that the natives would not even enter the valley where the Coleman brother lived, because of their fear of them.  My cousin and I are thinking that they are descended from either Thomas or James.   In the early census it is difficult to plot with just the names of the head of the household.  My goal is to eventually figured who is Michael A's father and which of the three Coleman brothers are his grandfather.  

Old Thomas Coleman lived to the age of eighty five,  Michael was killed on the Ohio River opposite Ohio, while chasing the natives who had stolen four horses.  I have yet to determine what happened to James.  A trip to a Historical Society and Altoona, Blair County PA to look for documents is in order.

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  1. Good God, I couldn't imagine anyone being boiled in maple syrup. What a horrible death, but a fascinating story.
    Have a happy Easter!
    (As for blog templates - I'm never satisfied with mine. I keep changing it constantly)