Monday, February 13, 2012



I have been so busy today perusing the PENNSYLVANIA DEATH INDEX.   I thought it would take a long time to get it online, but it appears that it was already indexed and it just had to show up.   I have found about four family people that I have been searching.  

There are a number of years in the twenties that are index by the Russell Index,   I think that Russell, whoever he was, was a sadist.   I tried to follow the instructions and it was difficult to grasp.   BUT,  I found SOUNDEX CALCULATOR from Eastman’s Genealogy Newsletter.    The calculator is great I no long have to pull out my hair, just put in the name and there it is.

The cost is now $3.00 as opposed to $10.00, but it now states that it will take fourteen to sixteen weeks to get your certificate.   If you are like me you will have forgotten what you have sent for and when you did it.

I am really excited about this index


  1. Claudia,

    Just a note of thanks for your posting today. As a results, I followed your advise and did some research.

    Tells the story.

    Thank you,


  2. Thanks for the tip, Claudia. I believe my husband's grandfather was on the index. I knew he died after 1930, but didn't know exactly when. Tried 1931 first and a James McFadyen looks like a match. Cathy

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Claudia. I've been hoping to find my g-grandfather's death certificate for years. I just knew it had to be either a typo or a misreading of handwriting. Surprise! I found him on the index. I hope, when the death certificate arrives, that it gives me information his parents' names!

  4. Not just thanks, Claudia, but THANKS!!!!

  5. Found your blog by way of Russ Worthington. Wow, what a resource for those of us with Pennsylvania family! I've found 12 names already, correcting the death date of a great grandfather along the way. I have a few more to look up, then may try browsing for those names I know for whom I don't have death dates.

    Thanks to you and Russ for the heads up.