Monday, September 5, 2011



Since last Thursday when my fellow Bowser researcher generously gave me the names of the next Bowsers in my and her family, I have been perusing all sorts of sites and posted family trees.

I have a lot of information and now trying to make sense of it.   The biggest thing that caught my eye is the number of people who just post names and dates all willy-nilly. 

I really wondered if they had read and correlated the dates of birth and deaths of the parents and they children they have posted.   

For example, one of the ancestors had his first child at the age of 11 and one wife continued to have children fifteen years after her posted death…..with no mention of a second wife or marriage.

This also happened to another ancestor I was following, he did not emigrate to the USA but someone working on his line had him here years before my great grandfather emigrated and was 13 when his son  was born.

This is going to make my job quite complex.   Are the dates of birth and deaths of the parents wrong or do the children listed belong to another branch of the Bowser family?    I have not written to any of these people, how can I mention that their math skills and assessment skills leave a lot to be desired.

Does anyone else find this a problem?

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