Tuesday, August 16, 2011



I have been agonizing and really frustrated by the lack of information on Olive Bowser Stephens and her parents Jacob and Mary Bowser of Armstrong County PA.

Today out of the blue, I was looking in my Bowser folder actually, it suddenly struck me……..Olive’s second marriage.   She was married in 1914 and in Pittsburgh.   At that point in time the parents names were required on the marriage license applications.   Why did I not realize this a year and a half ago.   Why did it take looking at her second husband, Oswald Rauhut’s immigration papers to finally figure out to look at their marriage application.

I will go to Pittsburgh and look it up as soon as the Batman filming is ended and all of those filmmakers and actors have gone.

Has anyone else done something incredibly off the wall like that, missed something so obvious in their research?  I feel like a complete idiot over this basic record.


  1. Oh yeah. The important thing is that now you've got a dynamite new lead to check out.

  2. Don't beat yourself up, Claudia. Sometimes it just takes a while for things to filter through the brain. Now that it's filtered, you have a clearer idea how to find what you need. I hope it's all there when you get the marriage license.

    It seems like I used an Allegheny County/Pittsburgh online marriage index not long ago but now I can't find it.... If I do I'll come back and give you the link.

  3. I think we all do that...and more than once. That's why it pays to put something away for awhile and come back to it with fresh eyes.