Sunday, July 17, 2011

SNGF I am jealous....

After reading all the posts and the colorful charts, I must admit I am extremely jealous.   Randy wrote to include all you information about you great great grandparents.   Randy, I am lucky I know their names...........and some of then I do not.

This is a problem for me because my first great grandparents came from Ireland in 1874, the second set came in 1880 and 1888.

My grandparents came over in  1923 and the great great parents never left.   I think I can safely say that I am 50% Irish and 50% German.   I would like to make that chart. It would be half purple and half gold.

  Sometimes I get frustrated with not finding my ancestors.  I read everyone's blogs and try to utilize their techniques and hints.  But for some of them it is a brick wall as high as Niagara.  I will keep on plugging.


  1. I completely understand your problem, and your "jealousy." It's hard to find great-greats when they are still in the European country (or Asian or African)and there are no records available.

    Several of my genealogy society colleagues are in the same boat.

    Keep plugging away! We don't choose our ancestors, it's not your fault.

  2. I sympathize too, Claudia. I have a set of Lithuanian great-greats that I know next to nothing about (not even sure of the last name!) and probably never will.

  3. Jealous here also :) Even with the (basic) knowledge I have of most of my great-grandparents, my pie chart would have only had three wedges. I saw the prompt and thought it was a great idea, but then as I tallied the birthplaces I realized I had the makings of a boring little chart, lol.

  4. Claudia,

    Please contact me regarding a broken link to my blog from your website.


  5. In a different twist, I'm jealous of you for having such a varied and interesting set of ancestors from different countries! Mine have been in the U.S. forever, so there's no naturalization records for me, no 'old-country' to look for - it's surely there, but I doubt I'll ever get there most days. To have such rich immigrant stories would be wonderful - but as was already said, we don't choose our ancestors. Keep pluggin' along! :)