Wednesday, July 27, 2011



Today I decided to get busy and scan some of the photos I found in the box that I refer to as My Fathers Treasures.

I went through some of the envelopes that he had labeled as Old Negatives.   My parents were married 4 February 1943 before he was shipped to Europe.



What I am most curious about is who took the picture and were they taken after the wedding ceremony.

Some others  ………………………..




Since my mother was born in Germany this was the only job she could find, working in a bake shop.


  1. These are such sweet photos, Claudia. I think the one of your mom reading the letter is very unusual--and perfect! Looking at the room reminds me of homes of that time period. And she looks so happy in the 2nd photo of her alone. She was a very classy dresser! Did your mom have an accent, then, if she was born in Germany? Did your parents meet in Germany or had she immigrated before the war?

  2. My mother emigrated in 1926 with her parents. She did not have an accent and forgot most of the German she knew because her parents went to night school for English the same day they arrived.

    My parents met when my mother and father were in a wedding party. They had never met before then.