Sunday, June 5, 2011



Went to a conference this weekend.   It was the  PALINTINES TO AMERICA conference.   It was held at the SHERATON STATION SQUARE.   The location is great and is along the banks of the Monongahela River, just over the SMITHFIELD STREET BRIDGE from the city center of Pittsburgh.

The weather was spectacular with the temperatures in the 70’s and low humidity.   The attendees raved about the location and the weather,  I told them it was not like that every day. 

While the location was great the food at the Sheraton Station was expensive and mediocre at best.   Fortunately there are several restaurants close by and a lot in the city which can be accessed by the Pittsburgh T STATION or taxi.  You can also walk into the city on foot if  you choose.

A woman I spoke with also said she brought her iPad and asked if they had wifi.    She was told in no uncertain terms that the Sheraton “did not have free wifi.”   What?????   Even Motel Six has free wifi !!!!!!  

There were two main speakers John T  Humphrey and James M Beidler.  Mr. Humphrey spoke mainly on research technique and source location and Mr. Beidler on 17th and 18th century research.  Since my German ancestors came over in the late 1800 and early 1900’s I attended mostly Mr. Humphrey’s lectures.   His presentation well worth the attendance.

There were many other speakers who presented various topics and many activities were planned and well received by those who attended.   Also available were books and other genealogical related item for purchase.   The vendors were great and had a wide selection for sale.

I enjoyed the conference very much.  Now onto to researching those elusive Germans.

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