Wednesday, May 25, 2011



I came up with an idea on how to proceed with Olive Bower/Maude Bowser.  On her death certificate and Obit it states that she is buried in Grandview Cemetery in Salem OH.    Since it is about a forty five minute drive from my home I decided to drive there and my husband said he would go with me.  

I was hoping that she has a tombstone and perhaps there is a middle initial.   More than that I am hoping the cemetery office has some records and perhaps I will find more information on her middle name.

With my luck I probably will find the cemetery records have been destroyed in a fire.  


  1. Claudia, depending on the size of the cemetery, it may have a large office with helpful staff. We hope! I've received excellent records from one large cemetery in particular. On the other hand, if it's a small cemetery, it might be hard to find who keeps the records. I hope Grandview is a large cemetery! At the very least, she's probably buried near relatives. I wish you success!

  2. Grand-view appears to be a very large cemetery, with multiple sections. So. I am hoping.