Friday, April 29, 2011

Rauscher of Rosshaupt Bohemia


In the 1910 census I found a woman named Theresia Rauscher living with Charles and Barbara Stick living in Millvale PA.    Barbara was the daughter of Anton Sperl and Katharina Rauscher Sperl.    I have been puzzled by Theresa for a few years.   I was sure she was related, but how???

Yesterday I searched Ancestry for Theresa Rauscher and came up with a few surprises.    In 1902 I   found a Baltimore Passenger List, dated 2 May 1902.   The main person was Elizabeth Rauscher, age 58 from Rosshaupt, Bohemia.  Next was Johann 32, Anna 29, Theresa 10, Antonia and Margaretha  both 4, and Anna age 2.   Elizabeth is listed as a widow, but I can not read the information for Johann and Anna.    But my theory is that Johann is the son of Elizabeth and Anna his wife and the children are theirs.  

The interesting part is they are from the same town as Anton Sperl and his wife Katharina Rauscher.    The destination lists Millvale PA and the relationship of brother in law with the name Sprool.  

Searching more in Millvale I came across a listing for Frank Rauscher b. 1833 in Austria and his daughter Anna.  There are two conflicting reports about the daughter Anna.   In the 1910 census it lists her as age 10, but underneath is appears that she is 50.  That age would fit in with her fathers age of 72.   Frank emigrated in 1900 and I did not find him on the 1900 census.  On the Mira code index of 1910 it lists Frank and Anna age 50.

Katharina’s death certificate Frank Rauscher is given as her father with mother unknown.   This information was given by John Sperl  her son and my husbands grandfather.    My theory on this is that after Franks wife died he and his daughter emigrated to Millvale PA USA.    Did John know his grandfather?  I have not found a death date for Frank or Anna.  

Is Anna Rauscher, Katharina Rauscher Sperl Nosseck sister.   Anna would have been born about 1860 and Katharina was born in 1864.  My best bet would be the family cemetery, St Anthony’s in Shaler Township, PA except for the fact that the cemeteries records were all destroyed in a fire and the only records they have are from the names on the tombstones.

Katharina’s middle initial is T, could that be Theresa and is it the name of her mother?


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  2. I had to amend my previous post. I theorize that Anna could be Katharina's sister and Elizabeth could be Katharina's sister in law.

  3. Happy Hunting, you have a lot of information...Mary