Thursday, March 17, 2011



I decided I should post something, even after I worked all day, so the spirits of my Irish side would not come back to haunt me.

Three fourths of my line are difficult to follow.   They are just a mystery to me.   I have been trying to figure out if they were in England and not Ireland.   

I did find a family of Patrick Mortel with wife and four children living in England in the 1851 census.   It had listed an Ellen Mortel as a child who was born in 1851.  That family would fit in with the names of two people and time frame for the birth of my great grandmother.   I have to go back and reevaluate and see if there are any church records for the town they are living in at the time.  

I still have yet to find any meaningful records on Patrick O’Rourke and his parents Denis and Mary ??? O’Rourke.   The death certificate of Patrick and Patrick’s sister Mary Rogan have listed Limerick Ireland.   So I am still looking…..

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