Saturday, January 22, 2011





Actually I think I have cabin fever.  This has a lot to do with the cold temperature outside, which is 3 F.   I do not have the motivation to calculate the Centigrade, but I suppose it would be about -15 C or so.   Goodness, that sounds even colder.....Right now I am thinking spring.   I can see the morning paper on the driveway, but I do not want to get up and go outside and get it because I have to get dressed up like a kid for sledding.

One of my goals for today is to start organization of my papers and files..   I have things semi organized and I need to initiate my plans.   My daughter got a job and had to move so I am moving my Genealogy items into her former room.  I need to get my files into a file cabinet and print some things that I have downloaded on my computer.

I need to set up the printer and go through my old emails I have saved.   These emails are things that I did not think related to my family and research but I saved them just in case they prove to be related  as I moved along in my research.   I suppose I should put them on my flash drive too.  

I joined the ARMSTRONG COUNTY HISTORICAL AND GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY  I mailed the application earlier this week, I am still on my search for Jacob and Mary Bowser, who are my husbands great great grandparents.    I am hoping with some guidance and fresh ideas I can go to the County Courthouse and find the answers to my questions.   They reopen in April, the Society that is, I am sure the Courthouse is open.   I have been wondering if this is common across the country that the Historical Society and Genealogical Societies close for the winter.  

So, for today I will sit a read a few blogs and wait for the motivation to get out from under my afghan and off the couch, where I am semi recumbent with my feet propped up on a pillow and sipping a cup of tea.....


  1. Hi Claudia,

    I was a member of the Armstrong society for a few years, but just never got over there enough (from Northeast Ohio) to justify it, and stopped renewing my membership a few years ago. They have a nice little library there, though. A number of the smaller societies/libraries where I have researched either close for the winter or open only by appointment, so that's not uncommon.

    Most common records (birth/death/marriage/probate/deeds) are easily accessible, but others such as tax records or original court records have to be paged and brought to you. There's been talk about making some of the older, original county records directly accessible to researchers, but I don't know what, if any progress has been made.

    You didn't mention the time frame, but interestingly, my ggg grandfather, James McGinnis settled in Pine Twp (later part of Boggs Twp) in about 1847 or so. James' father, Henry McGinnis lived in Centre County for about 40 years, never owning land. However, in the tax lists, he is listed as living on land owned by a Henry Bower(s).

    Keep Warm!
    Chris Staats

  2. Thanks Chris...I am awaiting for them to open. My time frame I am searching is for Olive Bowser b. 4 October 1874 (Armstrong County) and died 24 October 1923 in Salem Ohio.

    On her obit it lists Jacob and Mary Bowser and several siblings.

    The only candidate I found was Jacob and Mary Bowser in the 1860 census in Pine Township. I can not find them in 1870 or 1880. Mary and Jacob would have been in their early forties in 1874, which would have fit in for Olives birth.

    I have not found them in the Bowser book. It is not too long until April...

  3. I love the pictures of the Tulips, I can hardly wait for spring. I have a whole flower bed filled with Larkspur and Tulips. Hugs, Mary