Friday, January 28, 2011



I could post a picture of flowers everyday for a year, but it won't make this winter go away.    I seems to me that  we have been having snow in the Northeast since Thanksgiving.   Although I haven't gotten the blizzards that are along the East Coast, the snow and ice are  a daily finding.

I have not been doing anything on my research.   I would like to go to the Family History Center but  on my days off the center is closed due to the weather.   

I have set a goal for the month of February.   I have to get organized and I will start on Sunday. I have my papers in tote bags and boxes, it is a paper jungle but since I have only been doing my Genealogy for three years I have to admit that it is not an insurmountable task.  I also have a lot of paperwork on my computer, flash drive and external hard drive.   

After reading posts about making everything electronic I do not feel comfortable about not having paper records.   I feel that the electronic records have the potential for disappearing in nanoseconds or becoming lost or  flash drive and hard drive failure.

The first thing I have to do is move my records and findings into my daughters old room, since she has moved on after finding a job in November.    If she moves back I will help her find an apartment or house in which to live.  But she really LOVES her job and that is good news.  

Did you every wonder about your ancestors and their jobs?   My ancestors who all lived in the Pittsburgh area worked in the steel mills.   When you read about the conditions of the workers and the accidents that happened it is downright scary.  Even today people are injured and killed at work, but back them the safety rules were nonexistent.   We are much better today thanks to the government rules and regulations.

Another decision I have made is to retire and this will happen this Spring.   Maybe that is why I am hating this winter and I am looking forward to the change of season.



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  1. Your photos made winter go away for at least a few minutes this morning! There's hope for Springtime!