Monday, January 31, 2011


I do not remember having a favorite food, but I do recall plenty I did not like.    My mother cooked to please my father and he especially liked creamed any vegetable, including lima beans, asparagus and spinach.   I hate creamed vegetables even till this day. 

Sundays were roast days, beef, pork or chicken.  Mondays  were hamburger day and my mother would chop up raw onions and put them in the burgers,  I had to go thru them and pick out those disgusting onions.    I often wondered why my mother did not make me a patty with out the onions  for me.  

Tuesday it was baked chicken with mashed potatoes and I liked that meal.   Wednesday's it was pork chops and Thursday was meatloaf, with the same  raw chopped onions which I also picked out.    Friday was fish and french fries and Saturdays were leftovers or hot dogs and baked beans.  

I could always tell what I was having for supper because of the day of the week.   Other people would have spaghetti, lasagna , stuffed cabbage and city chicken but my father would not eat them.   Sometimes mom would sneak in fried liver and onions, which I also do not eat now.

Now I eat almost anything except for the creamed vegetables, raw onions, and liver. 

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