Sunday, October 17, 2010


At least for the time being.   I am exhausted, mentally that is, in looking for Robert Stephens and Jacob, Mary and Olive Bowser in the 1880 census in Allegheny City PA.   

I did not find Jacob and Mary Bowser in the 1870 census except for a couple living in BUFFALO TOWNSHIP  I see it is now North Buffalo Township, what happened to the regular Buffalo Township.

The couple at the time of the census were Jacob and Mary both were 59.   But the youngest son, Jacob was 6.   Olive would have been born in 1874 and at that rate Mary would have been 63.   I seriously do not think this is MY Jacob and Mary.  But there is a will to see and I need to see if Olive is listed in the will.  This Jacob died in 1878, Olive would have been four.

I am wondering if the Stephens family and Bowser family live on the same street in Allegheny City and  the census was skipped or not read??  At this point anything idea is possible.

I did update my family tree and changed the name of my Great Great Grandfather from Thomas Dowd to John Dowd and his wife from Cate Sweeney to Catherine Fitzmorris.  

Two things lead me to believe it was true.  The first was the information given by Bridget Naughton Dowd at the time of her husbands death.   She had stated that her husbands parents were John Doud and Catherine Fitzmorris.   Secondly in searching the records from Glinsk Parish in Galway I found John, Catherine, Thomas, John, Maria and the two women and My Theory that they were Thomas’s sisters (Catherine DOWD Mulroy and Norah DOWD Finnerty).

    That theory proved correctly with the parish records.    Thirdly was the inclusion of Fitzmorris relatives for the sponsors on a few of the Dowd Children Baptism, my grandfather was one of them.

I have to take a break and consider what to do next. 

On my trip to Armstrong County, a helpful man looked up the records of the 155th Infantry Company I and it listed my relative, Robert Stevens (Stephens) as discharged in 1862, invalid.    I have to look how to get a copy of his discharge papers, perhaps that will be helpful to me.



    Series: T9 Roll: 1096 Page: 506

    Felix Bowser

  2. Thank you Posie, I searched that Olive Bowser and she died in 1885. I was excited when I found that listing, but, alas it is not my Olive.