Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Since my recent discovery involving Olive Bowser, her mother Mary and exactly who is her father....I am  going to the Armstrong County, PA town of Kittanning tomorrow.

The Armstrong County Genealogy  Society has hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 12 until 4.   If a person wants to use the library the cost is $4.50 per visit.   Hopefully,   I can find information that will show the relationship of Great grandmother Olive Bowser and her parents.

I have found some preliminary information I think might be a solid lead.   I am hoping the folks there might be able to guide me.

The interesting thing about this Society is that they are closed from November thru the end of February.   I find that a bit odd. Why do they do that?   If I find out I will have to post the reasoning behind the idea.

Fact is Olive Bowser born C. 1874 with mother named Mary, the only place I have found them is in Armstrong County.   I have to solve the name of the father, who on the census is listed as Felix and on the Civil War register a person of that age and living in Franklin Township is Jacob F. Bowser.   My theory and gut feeling is that is Jacob Felix.   I hope this will be answered.   And on an earlier census Levi is listed as Felix father, and the mother is another Mary.  

Seems Felix has  a multitude of siblings, as did very one else at that time.   Also listed are Van Buran, Absolam, Felix, Harrison, Hannah and Wilson.  I must admit they were pretty creative with their names. 

More to be discovered.   

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  1. Claudia, they ARE creative names, but that should help you find them! I'm helping my brother-in-law search Armstrong County for his ancestors - Grant Twp. But as far as I know, there are no Bowsers in his line. I hope you get good help at the gen. society. I know another society (Jefferson Co., Ohio) that closes a few months during the year. Please let us know if you find out why!