Wednesday, September 22, 2010



In the vague recesses of my temporal lobe, I remember.  I suppose you have to be in your fifties or sixties to remember this.    When I think of it today I am astounded that this was even done or how they thought it was a good idea.

WHAT??   When I was probably about the age of six or seven we went to the shoe store and in the middle of the store there was a machine where you could stand on it and see an x ray of your feet. SHOE STORE FLUOROSCOPY my  mother would not let us get on there.  This would have been the late 1940 or early 1950

She would holler “Don’t get on there, get off of there.”  I suppose you were to get the best fit.  

Looking at that today it still amazes me that this was a source of major radiation  and who knows the REMS that were passed out to trusting and unsuspecting customers. 

Gerda, you were very wise to not trust the unknowing.


  1. I don't see how a mother's word of warning could stop a kid (one like me) from trying out those machines. Assuming she even saw me do it. There wasn't a lot of other fun to be had in a small town. Today I'm afraid of radiation.

  2. All my mother had to do was give us her "German look" and we did not fool around. The girls tried to please and the boys were naughty.

  3. I vaguely remember these - or I've seen photographs of them. I don't remember my mom telling me to stay away, though, which surprises me because she was so aware of things related to health.