Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week 52 Second Life

Well, I saw the intro and after everyone's impression with  the site, I decided to try it again.  Initially I thought it reminded me of the movie Inception.     I must admit it was visually great. 

But, when I tried to visit the site of the LDS within it Foxfire told me it could not open it because it did not know the program with which to open it.  Did anyone else have this message and if you opened the program which program did you use?

I am now intrigued and disappointed  at the same time.  Perhaps it is because my computer is six going on seven years old.   Really, it is.   It is my goal to see how long I can keep this going.   I do find that a few programs cause problems if I download them and it is not as fact as could be.

The old computer is a hp pavilion ze4800 and all I have done to it is replace a fan and install a new hard drive.   I love this computer and do not want to give it up,  LOL

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