Friday, June 18, 2010


Things have been slow here in the Genealogy Department. I guess everyone needs a break once in a while. The only thing I have done was to go to a Genealogy Book Sale.

It was through the Western PA Genealogical Society.
I bought about six books, most of them relating to Ireland and Germany. I did find the RED BOOK. I had heard of it and took it while the other were madly searching. They are all in the trunk of my car waiting for me to check them and see if anything is of any use The total cost was $13.00 and to top it off I got a cookie.

The society has a meeting every second Saturday and that was the feature of that meeting. What happened was that there was a guy who was taking every book in sight and piling them in boxes. He had an accomplice guarding his booty. The only thing I could think of was that he perhaps had a store and was buying them for resale.

I was disappointed by that because I felt that there might have been some that I could have used. The books seemed to be from the library collection and some of them were very old.

I guess I am on hiatus from research. As of July 1st I am going to be working part time so, hopefully, I will have mre time for research and to do things other than work.....

The Society had published a book of the marriages in Allegheny county from 1870 to 1875. My great grandparents had married in 1874, according to the 1900 census. I looked up their names and did not find them.. this leads me to believe either, they were married in some other state (Boston perhaps??) or their record did not make the list...


  1. You got a good deal! I love genealogy book sales, but I also have to be careful not to get carried away.

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