Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My sister called and told me that while she was cleaning she had found a few family documents.

Did I want them??   YES YES YES

They came from my fathers stash of things that were found when we were cleaning out the house.

First, and most impressive, is the marriage license of my grandmother, Anna Bartels Schridde Krah.   Anna and William did not have any children.

Anna and William Krahpicturesbyclaudia 283


She remarried almost one year after my grandfather, Willi Schridde, untimely death.   What is interesting, is the elaborate and colorful design.    They were married at a Justice of the Peace on August 10, 1937.

The second is a Baptismal Certificate dated March 31, 1940 from the HOMEVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH   She had been Baptized in 1900 in a Lutheran Church in Celle, Germany.    She had saved the original Baptismal Certificate, so why the second Baptism?

Third is the official document of the marriage.  This must have been a standard type given to the couples.

Where did they meet?  I seem to recall that William knew my grandfather Willi from work.   Did she get married because she had not yet become a citizen.  Was she unable to find work?   Did they truly love each other?  Their marriage lasted lasted thirty two years, until my grandmothers death from leukemia.

My mother, Gerda Schridde, was fifteen time at the time of the marriage.   My mother spoke kindly of him and took care of him after he became too ill to take care of himself.

His last few months he was in a Nursing Home because he required more care than my mother was able to give.

He is buried with my grandmother and her two husbands

Schridde and Krah

I will give my new hand held scanner its maiden voyage on the new documents.  It should be arriving soon.

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