Thursday, April 22, 2010


When I found the photo it made me laugh. I think the Chevy was was outfitted for a trip to PYMATUNING STATE PARK. That trip was a family favorite and they always took the row boat.

The reason for the three tones 57 Chevy was the result of Claudia's encounter with a tree. I am the oldest of six siblings and one day a trip to the PITTSBURGH ZOO was planned.

My father came up with the idea for me to drive. I only had my learners permit for about two weeks.

I told him I did not want to drive because I didn’t feel comfortable driving in the city. He told me to drive anyway.

After turning at an intersection (this was pre power steering and pre power assist brakes) I did not straighten up the car in time and I hit a huge Sycamore tree. He was so angry and spent the rest of his week of looking for a installing a new fender on the station wagon.

I never again had to drive that tribe anywhere again.


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  2. I love this story...we all must have one. I was scared to death to drive my Dad's care. He gave me the keys once with the family on vacation to Utah...I drove forever without seeing even one car...thank you God!!!
    Hugs, Mary