Thursday, January 28, 2010



scan0043 (2)

This is a copy of my grandfather death.   My mother had saved it all those years since 1937.  It was another item that I did not know existed until I was cleaning out my father things after his death.


  1. What a tragic accident. I have been working of late on a friends genealogy and have found numerous death certificates out on line. It is always so sorrowful to see a death caused by an accident.

  2. Wow, how sad. It must have been big news to make the front page like that. Thanks for sharing this article and bit about your family history.

  3. That is so sad -- it must have been so hard for your mom and grandmother. And to think of everything your grandfather went through in the war, too -- his generation lived through quite an epoch. (My German grandfather also served in the Kaiser's army during WWI and emigrated to the U.S. in the 1920s.) Thank you for sharing this clipping.

  4. What a terrible tragedy and how awful for your grandmother and mother to see such a sight. It must have been very traumatic for both of them, especially after they had experienced the turmoil of the war.
    Thank you for sharing.