Saturday, January 23, 2010


I do think I have a life. Really, I am still working full time, but plan to reduce my hours and then eliminate work all together. I had stopped by the Social Security Office about two years ago and they told me at the time that my monthly pension would be bases on the highest of the five years of earning. Well, Chuck looked into it and it is now based upon the average of 35 years....When did they change that???? I do not think that too many people noticed that change. So I have to be angry about that for awhile.

I am interested in photography, and really into it since the advent of digital cameras. I thought, initially, that they were useless, BUT, I can not see myself going back to the film variety.... I like to see what I took and delete what is not good.

I am interested in watercolor painting....I had taken classes twenty years ago and painted a lot, but have not done any thing recent. I guess I am waiting for the kid to move out and I can set up a table in her room. She is aware of this plan. After graduation from Nursing School she would like to buy a small home of her own and I told her to take her childhood furniture and set it up as a guest room.

I like to cook and try new foods, but sometimes coming home after a long day in the Operating Room I am just too tired to cook anything but something fast and convenient.

Chuck and I are planning for our retirement in the not to distant future. Who knows when that will be, I told the kid that the bailouts that were given out should have gone to the people soon to be retires to reimburse their 401's so they could retire and give their jobs to the young. And perhaps bailout should have gone to help the young pay off a good portion of their school loans, because they would be the ones to spend and jump start the economy. Does anyone really know where our tax dollars have gone??

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  1. Hi Claudia,
    Thank you so much for the advice.
    I really do appreciate it.
    I haven't been back to my search the last week or so. I'm hoping to get into it this week..
    I want to start on my Moms side..
    Hope you have a great week.