Saturday, January 9, 2010


I had read in some of the posting that number 52 is to visit the Genealogical section of my library. That is the project of today. I have actually visited the Genealogical Depatment of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

They have a lot of local information, mostly about Allegheny County PA. I can peruse the microfilm and the easiest way I have found to copy information is to take my digital camera and take pictures. Their microfilm readers are not attatched to computers and to make copies you have to remove the reel and take it to another reader and copy the page. There are many (thousands perhaps) reels of local informaiton in hundreds of boxes stored in file cabnets.

They only have to death record up until 1906 or 1908 and at that time the Department of Vital Statistics took over the record. PA in it antiquated way of thinking will not put these record on line. What does it really matterwith people who are long since gone? PA has a lot of antiquated ideas except when it comes to raising taxes and they are Johnny on the spot with that one.

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