Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I was in a Christmas Play. I had forgotten all about that. I went to a Catholic Grade School from 1st to 8th grade. One year, I can not remember except that it was early elementary, and I think perhaps 1st grade I was an angel. I think this was because I was the most petite person in the class. I remember that my line was "Hark, I bring you tidings of great joy"

In the second grade I had the honor of drawing the Nativity Scene on the black board. I was always good in art so I suppose that is how I was selected. I had a picture and drew it from the card. It looked good at the time, I would like to know know how it really looked with my adult perspective.

I still like art, and paint in watercolors, although I haven't done that for awhile and I also like photography. I do that a lot.

I must add that this Advent Calendar is bringing a lot of memories of things long forgotten. I bet my sister will call me and ask me about this......

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