Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Are there any occasions or anniversaries coinciding with the Holiday Season? Well the first would be my and Chucks wedding anniversary, which is December 4th 1971. I asked him if he wanted an summer or winter wedding and told him when to show up.

The second thing that I have found is his great grandmother Olive Bauser Stephens Rauhut's death, which was on Christmas Eve in 1923. It took a few months but I managed, with the help of a kind soul on Allegheny County Roots Web, found that what my Aunt Edna said was true, Olive did indeed die on Christmas Eve. After someone found the death certificate on the Ohio site, she was buried in December 27, 1923.

Can you imagine how everyone felt, each and every Christmas they would think how mom died on Christmas Eve. That is really depressing, I found it depressing eighty one years later. I suppose that I should contact the cemetery to see if there is a memorial stone.

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