Thursday, November 26, 2009


Just sitting here perusing the Internet because I am not cooking dinner today.   Last year I had Thanksgiving at our house with all the family.

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, it is not religion specific and anyone can celebrate.   When I was a child I started wondering what I would be doing next Thanksgiving.   I have had the same thought ever since.   Sometimes I have been really surprised.

The first time that stands out is we were in Pennsylvania eating at one of our parents and a year later we were living in Korea.  My husbands job had taken us there.   I do remember my friend Ruth hosted the dinner,  sorry Ruth I don't remember the menu.    Finding western foods in an Asian country  was quite challenge.    They had the black market where you could find anything at a price.    Things like baked beans, cranberry sauce, peanut butter and any other things that were not on the Koreas diet.   I can imagine how much different it is there now.

The next time, it was 1977 I think.  We were in Yugoslavia and we ate our dinner in a castle.    There were two choices to dinner,   I remember that half of the diners got sick, and it was a food borne illness.   I did not get sick, but I just can't remember what was the culprit at that meal.     The castle was now a restaurant and the wall were covered with tapestry. 

There were all sort of castles in Europe, the built them on the top of hills and now they are in ruins, hotels or bed and breakfasts, or museums.   I have to dig out my old photos and scan them.    I will make that a project for the new year,  I do not think it warrants a resolution.

Today we are going to my brother Richard's five of the six live in Western PA.   My other brother in VA could not make it because his wife and daughter have to work at sometime this weekend.   My contribution is going to be the vegetables, which is better than my sister Shawnna, who is going to peal and cook 10 pounds of potatoes.   Sounds like a prison job to me.   I should not have said that, it may be my job next year.

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