Friday, November 27, 2009


I am sitting here on Black Friday wondering about all the nuts out there shopping.   Last night my brother in law got called into work because one of the monitors in the ICU was not functioning.   Turns out it was "human error"  they were pushing the wrong buttons.......

On his way back home about 7 PM he said that people were camped out in front of Best Buy, one even had a pop up tent.   Wonder where the Port O Potty was located.      I have yet to find anything in my world that I would stand out in the cold weather and sleep in a tent waiting for the store to open. 

It is now snowing outside, I think it is too warm for it to stick on the roads or driveways, but the leaves are covered.


The picture above is a Remembrance of Christmas Past, when Henry climbed the tree and knocked it over.   Good thing we have plastic Christmas Ornaments....

Henry is a nice boy, not necessarily a good boy.   He is currently sitting beside me watching what I type....

I am trying to write in my Blogs on a daily basis, my worry (not loosing any sleep over it though)  is what will I write about every day??  Guess I will come up with something.

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