Monday, November 9, 2009



Sometimes the answer is in your basement.   For the past who knows how long, I have been looking for Olive Stephens maiden name.    I had mention to Chuck (pictured below) my angst in finding her name.

He mentioned that his dad had a metal box with some papers.   He remembered it from 1996 when Joseph had died and it was somewhere in our basement.

Today he found it and as I was going through mostly nothing important I came upon a copy of the Baptismal certificate of his grandmother Mary Irene Stephens.   There, listed was mother, was Olive Bauser.  Then Chuck decided that the Bauser name was familiar because he remembered in the family there was a Hauser and a Bauser.   He just did not know who the Bauser person was.

Yesterday I found the WWI draft card for Olive and Roberts first child, James.   It was dated 1917 and it had listed next of kin as his mother.   There was not name but as of 1917 Olive was still living.   

Things also in the metal box.   Pictures of the family, deeds, mortgage papers, and a list of the funeral expenses from his great grandmother Katharina Rauscher Sperl Nosseck.

I have to copy them and send them to my cousin Julie in New England.   Katharina was her great grandmother too.

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