Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have been going thru the papers recently found in my father in laws metal strong box. He had a lot (90%) of receipts dealing with health insurance and regular insurance. That really does not have any significance, at least not at this time as far as I can determine.

However, it did have about four deeds and one was from the thirty's. On the dead it listed the distribution of land that was owned by Anton Sperl and Katharina Rauscher Sperl Nosseck. It also have the funeral expense listing for Katharina, her funeral cost about $350 in 1947.

The interesting thing was I have two little girls who Aunt Edna called Big Margaret and Little Margaret. I have been trying to figure out who these two Margarets were. MY THEORY is now that question has been solved. One Margaret was the daughter of Antons daughter Barbara Sperl Stich and the second Margaret was the daughter of Antons son Charles (Carl) Sperl.

Charles died in 1918, in a Railway accident, and Barbara died in 1926. I do not know what caused her death. I guess it is time to send for the record. Another sibling mention in the deed was their brother Joseph who died in 1920, This must had been unexpected, I found him the the 1920 census and he was employed and I found his WWI selective service record and no mention of being differed. The strange part is that they were all in their twenties when they died.

Sending for the records can be done now since I have the time of death.

ancestoroy information 086

ancestoroy information 146

TWO MARGARETS. One Margaret married a man names Ulrich and the other Margaret married Harry Sumner. More to investigate on that.

Today I am going to scan what I found and send it to my cousin Julie who is also researching this family.

Finding things like this is like Christmas Day for me.


  1. That's as very cute picture. Funny that they called them Big Margaret and Little Margaret, though... they look pretty much the same size to me! :-)

  2. Hi Claudia ~
    I just gave you the Kreativ Blogger award!! I really enjoy reading your blog and looking at all the pictures.