Sunday, October 25, 2009


For the past month of so I have been researching Olive Stephens. Olive is my husbands great grandmother on his fathers side. I just can not find that woman.....I am thinking that if I had her maiden name things might so a little more smoothly. Maybe just a tad....

I did not find Olive and Robert Stephens marriage record on the microfilm at the Carnegie Library Main in Oakland (Pittsburgh PA) A kind person on the Allegheny County Roots Web told me he would look up for a listing the next time he went into town.

I thought perhaps that they eloped because of their age difference (25 years) so another Roots Web Member sent me the marriage list of West Virginia, they were not there. I suppose now I should search Maryland or just take a break.

To complicate my brain, I received a note from the Salem OH Historical Society and they did not find the burial site, but they DID find a burial for Edward Scheuring in Grandview Cemetery. Was this Olives daughter Irene's father in law??

I have to check to see what other cemeteries were in Perry Township. Perhaps Olive was not buried in Salem but somewhere else in Colombiana County OH.......

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