Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Discovery

I have not found the documentation to finish my fathers story, but I have made a discovery. I have a box of pictures and assorted things my father had saved. He was a pack rat, and that is a genealogist dream...

I was going thru the box and looking at all the pictures of the grandchildren...What to do with them? I have decided to separate them and give the back to their parents.

But while looking in envelopes,and there must have been about twenty, I found another picture of my great grandfather Thomas Dowd and pictures of my dad while in basic training for WWII.

But the surprise of it all was a little hand written tablet paper written in German with birthdays, names of what appears to be family members and their families.
MY THEORY is that this was my grandmothers list of birthdays, but was this for sending cards or was she doing a family tree? Some of the people are Bartels and one Lilly Schridde Clausen, who was my grandfather Willi's sister.

The Western PA Genealogical Society is having a German Genealogy Workshop in Pittsburgh on Saturday September 26 and Sunday September 27.

I had been thinking about attending, but now that I have some information I NEED to go. Guess I will fill out the papers and get started.

Every discover begets twenty more questions.

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