Tuesday, June 16, 2009



Spent a few hours at the LDS Family History Center.   I find it difficult to navigate.    I know information is there but you seem to have exact search terms to find what you want.     I am looking for Church records from Mayo County, Ireland.

It also took me a hour to get on Footnote and I did find the Naturalization record for Emil August Bartels in 1929.   His sponsors were Charles and Alwine BARTELS Dietrich, his Uncle and Aunt.  

On ANCESTRY I found the census records of London UK 1851.    It has listed a Patrick Mortel, age 38, along with his wife Mary and children Catherine, James, Mary and 6 month old Ellen.   My great grandmother Ellen Martel had listed her birthday as in 1852 and her father as Patrick.   This looks good to me as a possibility.   Patrick and his wife Mary and some of the children were born in Ireland.   Ellen was born in England, according to the census.

Those names of the children were the same ones that Ellen had named some of her own children here in East Pittsburgh PA.

What percentage of the Irish left Ireland and went to England during the famine?   Was it only the people who could afford to go?

I tried to down load the record to this Blog but could not do that.   I am always hampered by technical glitches. 

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