Sunday, June 7, 2009


Not much going on yesterday so I had some time to research the Bartels again. On the the 1920 census I found William Bartels living with The Deitrichs and he was listed as brother in law. William and Alwine were siblings. William was listed as divorced, I bet that was a shocker in the 1910 to 1920 era.

It was also listed that he was born in 1864 and immigrated in 1882. Next to immigration record. It was easier to find a likely subject with dates. Then I found his name on the ships manifest. Along with him (age 23) was listed Georg Bartels (age 22). Looks like another sibling appears to add to the mystery. I searched for Georg on the census rosters but I can't find him anywhere.

ancestoroy information 163

McConnells Mill State Park is the setting for this picture. It was taken circa 1927, The young girl is my mother Gerda Schridde and to the left are my grandparents Anna Bartels and Willi Schridde. I had wondered who the couple next to them are? Is the man with the vest the elusive William Bartels (Anna Bartels Uncle)? Who is the woman, I think one of the Bartels sisters, and who took the pictures, I know that one remains unanswered. The suspected William Bartels appears to old to be Anna's brother August, because August would be in his early twenties and that man appears to be in his forties or fifties.

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