Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great Aunt Anne

Anne O'Rourke Zentner and Leo This is a picture of my Great Aunt Anne. She was born 10 November 1875. She was the eldest of the O’Rourke children. I had this picture with my dads things. My newly found cousin Joanne, was able to tell me who it was because Anne was her grandmother.

She was married first to Charles Forgie, He died at an early age. She had one son to Mr. Forgie I have to find out how he died. Then she married to Peter Zentner and they had five children. The child above is her first Zentner child, Leo. Mr. Zentner died early also. Anne’s other children were William, Mary, Ellen and Rita. They are all gone now and I remember them all.

The photo must have been in a round picture frame. I like the velvet choker and her Gibson Girl upsweep. If you look closely it appears that there was someone else in the photo. I wonder who it was and why they were removed?

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  1. It's amazing, extraordinary, I can see the former epoch picture at the time my grandmother and grandfather was unborn even also.