Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday I did some research of little Thomas Naughton. He was born in 1892 and died in 1893. I found the family still living in North Braddock PA. Although the mothers name listed on the death certificate entry was listed as Norah Thornton, on the 1900 census it was listed as Katie. At that time she had listed five children and one deceased. They were Maggie, Bartley, Matt, Marie and possible Eduora (?) The parents are 36 and 35 at that time.

In the 1910 mothers name is Katharine, then Margaret, Bartley, Matthew, Marie, Helen and John. John is the youngest and 9 years old. Appears that Eduora is Helen.

I have not found them in the 1920 census, as of this time. I did do a search in 1930 for Bartley, being an unusual name and found him married and living with his wife an children in Michigan. The parents and all children were born in PA. More research to be done. I have to get up my butt and send for the documents of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

I found them in the 1920 census. The girl name in that one is Helinora, I suspect it is Ellenora.....just a thought. Bartley is married with one child and living in Wilkinsburg PA, which is near North Braddock. In the 1930 census it appears that the father Patrick has died and Katie and a few of the adult children are living still in North Braddock.

North Braddock is a economically depressed town now, I have not found any Historical Society and the local library does not seem to have any information. They have old newspapers but their microfilm reader is broken and they do not have the money to repair it. That is really sad.

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