Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lovely Children

Gerda and Claudia Dowd 1950 001

The picture above is one of my mother and I ca. 1950.   You can see that my hair is in pigtails too.

The picture below is of my sisters ca. 1960.    My mother always put our hair in braids.   I think that was to keep it neat.   When I was little and my mother would be in the hospital for childbirth my father would send me across the street to the neighbors who would braid my hair for school.   My grandmother would come out and stay for the week to watch us so Dad could go to work.

My sisters picture was taken on the ferry ride to one of the islands on North Carolinas Outer Banks.   I do not know where the brothers were at this time.  I actually do not know where I was either, probably looking for dolphins who would ride along the boat.


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