Sunday, February 15, 2009


After writing in my Geneblog for a few months I had been adding links  to my favorites on AOL.   I was getting a bit out of hand.  I checked in the “Edit Your Blog” section on Blogger  I had another Eureka Moment and saw the section for editing and added them all.   It is quite a lengthy list, and that is just what I have discovered in six weeks.

My newest project is to write a tutorial for our local Genealogical Group and let them publish it, if it is accepted.  I am among the “youngsters” in the group so it will have to be very simple so the “oldsters” can set one up too.  I think I will start on Microsoft Office.  This is the Standard for the word processing software.   There are other free software downloads but I do not know if you get a Word Document sent to you will they download it for you.    I have had my Office program for five years and it has been worth the cost.  

So I have to start on my paper soon.   Maybe I will publish it on here…..That remains to be seen.

Looking at the pictures of my Father and Uncle I have decided that they must look like the Dowd side of the family.   I do not have any pictures of them yet.



  1. I vote you publish the tutorial here.

  2. Hi Claudia

    I don't know where I saw it but I think you were looking for a website that could tell you what the dollar was worth, say, 50 years ago. This website might help: