Saturday, January 31, 2009


picturesbyclaudia 284 This is a picture of a group of German children. I wonder how they got them all to sit so still. The only person I know is the girl in the back row who is holding another child. The older girl is my grandmother Anna Bartels, the girl she is holding is her sister Johanna Bartels Reimers. My grandmother is about 14 years old in that photo, because I know that she was 13 years older than her sister.

Anna had two brothers, one of which was August. He was born in 1902, Anna was born in 1900. There is another brother but I know nothing about him. I found August immigration record yesterday on I thought I had saved it on my computer, guess I have to look for it again. August came over in 1921 and on his application is stated that his destination was Duquesne PA. There were quite a number of steel mills in the Pittsburgh PA area. August came over to work in one, a few years later, my grandparents (Willi and Anna Schridde) came over with my mother (Gerda Schridde) in 1926. My grandmother said that her brother had a job waiting for Willi when he got here. On the first day in the USA they went to the local school for English classes.

I am wondering if August is the boy standing to the left of Anna and Johanna. The picture was taken circa 1913-1915

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