Thursday, January 16, 2014


I had been looking for my great grandparents, Patrick O'Rourke and Ellen Mortel, wedding date as well as his sister Mary O'Rourke and her husband Daniel Rogan.

Today I was searching for a client and came up the marriage of Daniel Rogan and Mary O'Rourke.  The marriage took place on 5 September 1878 at Sacred Heart RC Church in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh PA.

Here is a picture of the inside from the Archives of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  It listed his parents, John and Margaret Rogan and her parents Denis and Mary O'Rourke.  But sadly it did not give the last name of the mothers.    Patrick and Ellen were not married there.  

But I did learn Daniel Rogan parents name and I did learn the date of their marriage.  John Rogan and Ellen Dugan were the witnesses.  So it appears that perhaps Daniels brother or cousin was also here in town.
I was really sad that my great great grandmother's maiden name was not listed.  That has been evading me for years.

Another picture of the outside, also from the Diocese of Pittsburgh.


  1. Hi Claudia - It was nice to read your post. You mentioned the O'Rourke name and that rang a bell for me. I recently came across some records for the O'Rourke's. The name of Mary O'Rourke is ringing a bell and I did a quick search of my many documents and found a copy of the death certificate for John T. O'Rourke. I believe the O'Rourke's are weaved into my husbands family. The O'Rourke's I have are Mary, Helen, Laura, Florence, John and Elmer. If those names seem to be part of your family let me know and I'll share what I have. :)
    Warm Regards,

  2. Thank you Liz but right now the only O'Rourke named Mary was my paternal great grandfathers sister. They were from Limerick.