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Obit Charles Anthony Sperl    6 April 1918  Pittsbrugh PostGazette
The Pittsburgh Press,   6 April 1918

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Charles Anthony Sperl and Margaret Thomas Sperl, probable wedding photo.  The  couple were married 12 April 1915 in St. Anthony Roman Catholic Church in Millvale,PA.

Charles died at work in a Railroad accident, both of his legs were traumatically amputated.  This accident occurred five days before the wedding of his brother John Christ Sperl and Mary Irene Stephens.

They had one daughter, Margaret Sperl.   Margaret Thomas Sperl died in1920, cause unknown at this time. I found their daughters name on a deed paper of Charles mother and it had listed the daughter as married to Harry Sumner.  

I am looking forward to the 1940 census to see if I can find information on Margaret and Harry.

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