Monday, March 12, 2012



As usual, I have many things going on about what I want and need to do    My search for the parents for Michael A Coleman and Mary Ann Saylor is still ongoing.   I have enlisted help on this project.   I belong to the NORTH HILLS GENEALOGIST and before each meeting they have a “tiptime” feature.   The moderator puts a second set of eyes on your problem and does a little research of his own.  The meeting is next Tuesday and I am hoping he came up with some ideas or information.  I will get him a gas card because it may involve some travel.   He said he will present this case, so I hope he finds more than I have.

My mystery about my great grandmother’s (Bridget Naughton Dowd) sister,  Mary Naughton Downes is still in my thinking process.    I found her marriage record (Michael Downes)  and Baptism of  six daughters in the Archives of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.   BUT, I can not find them in the 1900 census, it is like the family disappeared off the face of the earth.  

Yesterday I started to sort out my genealogy papers and I came across the Document from the Diocese of Pittsburgh from 2008.    As sponsor from  my grandfather’s brother, Richard Dowd, born in  December 1900 was  Maria Downes.   The census had already been taken at that time, but where was the Downes Family?     Then again, in 1906 I find a sponsor, Maria McCoskey,  who is this Maria??  I searched for the McCoskey Family in the 1910 census but have not found them either.   I have all the other sponsors accounted for,   is she Maria Downes?    My next step will be to contact the cemetery where the families are buried and search for the Downes Family.  

I have started on my organization and put everything in a folder related to each family name.   I will then go and organize each family name folder into Family Groups.    I need more hanging file folders,  I will check to see if anyone has them on sale this week.  I have my email correspondence in another separate binder.  I will leave them in there for now and perhaps forever.

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