Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It was not really random, no was it something that any of us would  have done.

During the summer I met my husband at an auction.   He had purchased a small chest of drawers and needed my car to transport it.   When we went to get the chest we found a box with a few other things that the auctioneer had thrown in as well.

One of the items was a box of family photos and some of them were from the late 1800’s and early 1900.   So doing what every other genealogist would do I searched and turned them over to see if they were labeled.   A few were and I scanned them  and started a blog FOUND AT AN AUCTION

With the name on the back of one post card, Henry and Calisa Steinke I was able to find a tree and the same old photo on the site.   The photo was a copy of a newspaper and not too clear, but I could see it was the same photo.   I found the pictures in Western Pennsylvania and the recipient lives in Ohio.  It was probably on the western migration of the family.

After a few email to the tree owner I have sent the photo on their way.  They were excited to get them, as I and all of you would be.   His mother in law was able to find many family members and was really happy to get one of the original pictures of Henry and Calisa.  He said he will let me know how the story develops.  I can’t wait to hear……..

My hope is someday one of my cousins that I have not met will find me and send me pictures of my great grandparents Thomas Dowd and Bridget Naughton and their children.  There is always hope for that one.


  1. I've got goosebumps. Thanks for sharing a great story.

  2. It's wonderful that there was a name on one of the photos. At least you had an idea which direction to go. So often there are no names at all, which is so sad because the photos remain orphans. Great job!

  3. Wow, congratulations! I often see old photos at the flea market near me, and some are labeled. I could start a blog like that to reunite folks with their ancestors, but I'd need a large pile of cash to get started!

  4. The photos were thrown in with another buy. My only cost was the postage. I like the idea of reuniting people with their ancestors photos.

    I would love the have someone contact me with photos of my great grandparents Thomas Dowd and Bridget Naughton and their children.