Wednesday, January 12, 2011



When I was a kid it seemed to me that winter last a long time.   Initially I had a sled and later a metallic    disc and we would go and slide down the snow covered hills at a great rate of speed with no thought of how would we stop at the end.

My neighbors had a empty lot and it was on a hill and we would slide down and crash into the hedges at the bottom.   We would never have thought of sliding out into the street.

My one brother, who will remain nameless, incase he reads this post, was the only one injured during sled riding.   He hit a  tree and fractured his femur.  

My father loaded him up in the back of the 57' Chevy station wagon and took him to the emergency room.   He was admitted and the next day he was placed in a HIP SPICA BODY CAST    He was immobile and spent the next two months in his bed which was relocated from the upstairs bed room to the dining room.

The school district sent a tutor out to teach him so he would not lose time in school.   It seemed like an eternity to me but I can not imagine how it felt to him.

I am glad he hit his leg and not his head because that would be a tragedy.

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  1. One winter's sledding was notorious for me. A friend and I were sledding down a hill that was surrounded by weeds topped with snow. I went off to one side and ended up catching the runners of my sled in a dip in the ground. I was thrown into the weeds, rolling over and over. Later that evening at home, I started to develop the worst case of poison ivy I ever had. Blisters and swelling, between my fingers and on my eyelids. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't get poison ivy in the winter.