Saturday, January 1, 2011



This morning I was up early and reading the newspaper and a tiny tidbit of information jumped out at me.   To most people it would seem inconsequential, but to me and many of you it is of utmost importance.

The kernel of information was that on today, 1 January 1892,  ELLIS ISLAND opened it's doors. 

This was written in today's issue of  PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE   Almanac (On This Day January 1) 1892 The Ellis Immigrant Station in New York formally opened.

Although my great grandparents Patrick O'Rourke Ellen Mortel, Thomas Dowd and Bridget Naughton came from 1872 thru 1888 my German relatives, including my mother, Gerda Schridde came via Ellis Island.

They all had left to find a new life and better conditions for their families.  Would we have the courage to do that today.

Chuck and I had moved to Korea and Yugoslavia  for his work. I knew at the time I would be going back home.  I should write about my travels, and  I do  not know  why I am procrastinating.  I suppose it is my nature to procrastinate

Perhaps this should be one of my goals, but I need to get going and scan thirty years worth of pictures.  I would like to add them to my story of I have done.    Looking at it now, it would be a treasure for some descendants one hundred years from now.

Happy New Year.

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