Friday, November 26, 2010


I think the last of the year will be somewhat slow in my research.  Due to the Holidays and my daughters move to North Central PA for her first job.
Today my old (2004) computer is not functioning.   It seems to me that there is something wrong with the  connector where the power cord is inserted.   I am not getting an electrical connection (tried a new cord) and the battery is dead.   I feel that the cost of repair can not be justified, the money spent could be allocated to buying a new one.    Thank you everyone for prompting other to back up their data, and I have been.
Today I was perusing the death certificate of my Great Aunt Alwine Bartels Dietrich.   Every time I reread my information I seem to discover a new kernel of knowledge.   Today I enlarged the document and discovered that my   2xgrandparents were from Hanover.   I thought they were from Celle, or do I need to look more closely at the map......Cele was listed as birthplace on my grandmother, Anna Bartels birth certificate.     This leads me on to more research, actually I do not think this is ever finished.  Each discovery prompts us to do further back and find more.    Alwine was the first of the Bartel siblings to died and her sister gave the information, so I am 99% sure it is accurate. 
Does everyone have the same experience of overlooking some item to have it pop up as really important and you wonder how in the world you have missed that?

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  1. Yes, that has happened to me also.

    More often, I get an email from someone who has seen my family tree online, and they have found information about the person I didn't have, but was very easy to find.

    So sometimes I think that extra pair of eyes helps also.