Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dowd cemetary plots Brad Cath.
Here is another of my dads retained paperwork.  It lists his mother, Gertrude O’Rourke, and The Dowd side of the family.
I think my father would be extremely interested in Genealogy and the information I have found.   I wonder why he never told me of the documents he had squirreled away in the old file cabinet.   Perhaps, he thought no one would be interested in them.
I do have three mystery photographs.
picturesbyclaudia 279
Beautiful woman, but who is she?   No name on the back.picturesbyclaudia 278
It looks like they are all dressed up for a wedding.   But, who are they?
picturesbyclaudia 282
World War I soldier, Who is he?    The only one I have found serving and killed in WWI is Owen Mulroy, the son of my Great Grandfathers sister Catherine DOWD Mulroy.  Perhaps it is Owen.

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